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Before beginning any conservation treatment, the item(s) must first be thoroughly examined and tested in the conservation studio to determine the most appropriate course of treatment. Conservation methods and materials are chosen based on the objectives of each specific treatment and to ensure maximum reversibility. A written condition report and treatment proposal
will be provided to the client and must be approved before any work can begin. Works on Paper follows the American Institute of Conservation's Code of Ethics and conforms to accepted guidelines for conservation treatment.

How to obtain a treatment proposal

In-Studio Consultation

The best way to transport an irreplaceable document, map, photograph, or work of art on paper is to pack it securely and deliver it yourself. Whenever possible, bring your items to the Works on Paper conservation studio. Consultation may involve an assessment of the item's condition, discussion about materials, and potential conservation treatment steps.

Consultations are by appointment only. Please do not drop off items at the studio without first making an appointment. Call 802.460.1149 to schedule an appointment with the conservator.

Shipping Items to the Studio

It is also possible to ship your items to us. However, shipping does carry some risk since objects may be accidentally crushed, exposed to vibrations or to significant changes in temperature and relative humidity. You can reduce these risks by packing your item securely and by choosing a reliable carrier. We suggest that you ship your items to us on a Monday or Tuesday to decrease transit time and ensure delivery during the work week. We are happy to provide you with packing and shipping guidelines for your materials at no charge.

Please let us know in advance that you will be shipping your items to us.

Consultation On-site

A conservator can also make on-site visits for collections surveys and evaluation of items to be treated. Please contact Works on Paper to schedule a date for a conservator to visit your collection or job site.

Pick Up and Delivery

Works on Paper also picks up and/or delivers items from local framers, galleries, and other clients in the region. Please contact us to discuss the specific arrangements, including the pickup/delivery fees.

Condition report and conservation treatment proposal

Works on Paper will provide you with a written condition report and conservation treatment proposal. This will include a general condition assessment, a black and white reference photograph of the item before treatment, an outline of recommended conservation procedures, and a cost estimate. Conservation treatment recommendations will be based on various factors, including the condition of the item, the predicted success of the treatment, and how the item will be used or stored following conservation. We will be happy to explain all aspects of the proposed conservation treatment and to go over any optional treatments with you. The condition report, treatment proposal, and cost estimate will be completed within two weeks.

Approval and scheduling of work

The treatment proposal is a contract that will specify the manner and type of work to be performed. A signed copy of the treatment proposal, accompanied by an initial payment of half of the estimated treatment cost must be returned to Works on Paper before any work can begin. Scheduling will be confirmed once this has been received. The amount of time it takes to complete a treatment will vary. On average, it will take three months to complete your job once the work has been approved. Expedited treatment is usually available but is determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the conservator's schedule and the types of treatment involved.

A signed copy of the treatment proposal, accompanied by an initial payment of half of the estimated treatment cost must be returned to Works on Paper before any work can begin.

Conservation treatment report

A written conservation treatment report will be provided to the client once the job is complete. The report will include a description of the condition of the object(s) before treatment, a black and white thumbnail photograph of the item after treatment, a detailed description of the conservation steps performed, recommendations for handling, storage and display, and a list of the materials used throughout the treatment. Photographs of the object(s) before and after treatment can be provided to the client either as high-resolution images on a disk or as archival prints for an
addition fee.

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All work done at our studio is based on an
hourly rate.
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We can provide you with custom advice for packing and shipping your items to our studio.
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Assigning a monetary value to artistic and historic objects is a separate professional activity from conservation.
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